Worship Director Job Opening

Position Overview
The Worship Coordinator is a spiritual and organizational leader who leads and oversees the worship ministries of Pathway Church. This includes but is not limited to, our weekly community worship, implementation of the mission, vision, and values of Pathway Church, crafting the themes for each service in conjunction with the Senior Pastor, and training and nurturing worship team members and volunteers while working with various groups throughout the church to use music and the arts for worship.

Primary Objective
To ensure that each and every worship service creates an inviting and worshipful atmosphere, and is led in such a way that the congregation has an opportunity for an authentic encounter with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The Leadership Team of Pathway Church desires that each member leaves the worship service energized to live their faith openly in the community each and every week.

  • A clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and a vital, growing personal relationship with Him.
  • Experience in leading worship, vocalists, and musicians, and a sense of calling to serve in this kind of ministry role.
  • A proficiency in both singing and playing guitar, piano, and/or other musical instruments with the ability to lead a congregation while playing. This includes an understanding of, and love for, both traditional and contemporary music and worship styles.
  • Have the verbal and musical ability to segue between songs, weaving them together and providing musical interludes at appropriate times for worship, so that the flow of the service is uninterrupted. 
  • Possess the musical capability and leadership skills to teach and train worship team volunteers.
  • Is supportive of and loyal to staff members and the church body.
  • Exhibits a spirit of cooperation and teamwork and is teachable.
  • Become a member of Pathway Church and participate in the community and activities of Pathway Church on a consistent basis.
  • Lead and work with the Worship Team and Senior Pastor to plan, create, organize, and implement the weekly worship services for Pathway Church.
  • Oversee and coordinate all musical aspects of the worship service:
    • Lead the praise team, instrumentalists, and congregation in worship at weekly Sunday morning worship services for 11 of 13 Sundays each quarter.
    • Organize and lead weekly rehearsals. This includes a rehearsal during the week, and a warm-up/review prior to the Sunday service, in addition to any other rehearsals necessary.
    • Integrate the children and young adult ministries into worship as appropriate (i.e – kids choir at Christmas).
  • Recruit and select worship team volunteers and oversee and coordinate the volunteer schedules on a weekly basis. Volunteers should be utilized at various times for singing, skits, prayer, readings, and any other aspect of the service.
  • Be responsible for a consistent, quality sound mix by giving regular and timely specific feedback to the volunteer audio tech. In addition, work with the projection screen volunteer to organize visual aspects of the service and create any visual presentation necessary.
  • Look to empower volunteers with significant responsibilities as necessary, and bring out the best in all team members.
  • Stay up to date with U.S. trends in worship music and various worship styles, explore new ideas for corporate worship, and be open to change and the shifting of responsibilities as growth and ministry develop.
  • Volunteer in other aspects of the life of the church as they feel called to.
  • Any other additional duties as agreed upon by the Worship Leader, Senior Pastor, Worship Team, and Leadership Team.
Time, Compensation, Other Information
  • The Leadership Team expects that this position will be part-time and require approximately 10-20 hours a week, with compensation to be commensurate with experience.
  • The Worship Coordinator will report directly to the Senior Pastor with additional accountability to the Leadership Team. A formal review and compensation discussion will be completed on an annual basis.
  • The requirement to lead on 11 of 13 Sundays takes into account 2 weeks whereby the Worship Coordinator is not required to lead, but is still required to be involved in the planning of the worship service during the week.

If interested, please send a resume and cover letter to Debbie at pathwayadmin@pathwaycrc.org.



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Crown Point Christian School
Sunday 10:00 AM
10550 Park Place
St. John, Indiana 46373









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